Anti-rust services

The weather can be tough in Canada, specially for your vehicle.  Salt and other elements can end up under your car, we get it. Thats why our experts know how to apply anti-rust products and protect your vehicle

anti-rust service


Part of Carrosserie Auto Prestige’s job is to make sure that your car is in the best conditions possible to survive the worst weather here in Quebec. Our products are effective and they can protect you through the entire winter.

5 tips to prevent rust

Carrosserie Auto Prestige has a couple tips for our customers to prevent rust or at least
prevent significant damages on your vehicle . These tips have been tested and approved by our experts,
whom help thousands of customers throughout the years.

Wash your vehicle more often, it seems trivial, but it is really a crucial element to prevent rust.

Take a look at the painting of the car, make sure it is of high quality and well done. Our auto repair shop offers anti rust painting, to fully protect your vehicle for the winter. Contact us for further informations. 

Keep your paint new, by doing that, it helps you prevent color fading . We recommand you to do a paint job at least twice a year to keep your car protected.

Keep your car clean, althought it seems pointless during winter, but at least try to do it once per week, to wash off the salt and the different elements that could procure severe damage to your vehicle.

Keep your interior alwayes clean if possible. Avoid spilling drinks on the carpet, it reach the metal under car and create rust without you even noticing.

Need a vehicle body work?

If you need any type of reparation on your vehicle, Carrosserie auto prestige will deliver and exceed your expectations.

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