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We not only repair vehicles, we repair YOUR vehicle.

At Carrosserie Auto Prestige, we offer a complete body repair service, we carry out cosmetic repairs as well as repairs of maintenance. Whether you have had an accident, breakage or simply want to refresh the look of your vehicle, you can count on us to bring it back to new.

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The difference is remarkable

Always in the goal to make precise and thorough repairs as soon as possible, Carrosserie Auto Prestige takes care of everything to refurbish. After evaluating the damage and contacting the insurer, we make a free estimate and we proceed quickly to the repair, reassembly, painting and polishing.

Repaired car at Carrosserie Auto Prestige AFTER
Broken car BEFORE



Insurance case

Complete follow-up from the accident to the insurance forms and details

Crashed vehicles

The vehicules are inspected and our experts put them back to new

Retouching & painting

Some minor car clashes require from us repainting as well as quick alterations


The damaged vehicle can be restored to a certain degree, this is our expertise

Anti-rust service

Our experts know how to apply anti-rust products and protect your vehicle

Vinyl wrap

We can apply the car wrap to change the color of your vehicle

Why us

With more than 30 years of experience and dedication in the field of collision repair, we make sure that every customer leaves with a safe and compliant vehicle.

5 stars factor

Thank you for allowing us to fix your accident. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience and we want all our customers to benefit from the best possible services – that’s our core value.

Contact us

You have a question? You can count on us to help you in all your steps, it makes us happy. If you need assistance you can also contact us directly by phone.

Thank you for trusting Carrosserie Auto Prestige

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