Carrosserie Auto Prestige offer a complete restoration of your vehicle in case of a significant damage. We disassemble the vehicle and restore every part and system. We also do it for classic vehicles.

Complete car restoration

A full auto restoration by the team experts at Carrosserie Auto Prestige  who understand all the mechanic aspect of the vehicle. We pay attention to every cosmetic detail. Not only we know, but we love what we are doing.

car restoration After repair

A restoration done in 4 phases

We follow a strict process when it comes to restoration, which is very important for us to
get the job properly done and in a timely manner. We work closely with the customer
 to make sure that we fufill their request.

We disassemble each and every part of the car which require a accurate understanding of the mechanical aspect of the vehicle. Experts work on it to make sure the pieces are classified properly in order to riassemble them back together.

We examine the vehicle to determine the pieces that need to be replace with brand new or used once. Carrosserie Auto Prestige makes sure that the parts are as high quality as possible.

This is the crucial part, where the car gets worked on: we remove the rust, replace every piece that need to replace, remove the rust, prepare the body for painting after striping the paint off.

The last phase is reassembling all the parts previously classified piece by piece, reset the system. To make sure is ready to hit the road safely, we test everything as a whole (the engine, transmission, breaks etc.).

Need a vehicle body work?

If you need any type of reparation on your vehicle, Carrosserie auto prestige will deliver and exceed your expectations.

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